Mistaken Identity


P. R A J A



I judge a woman’s beauty

by her perfectly shaped nose,

cascading dark hair aplenty.

Further down

a voluptuous bosom,

a titillating gait.

She is a halo-less divine,

no matter what Vatsayana says.


By my yardstick,

Only one rises to qualify.

In all the seven worlds above,

the seven worlds below,

who can rival her beauty?


What is a beauty when ‘Stupid Chance’

thrusts her into undeserving hands?

A thirsty plant on a sunshine day!

I thirst for her.


Being an empire builder I know

the vagaries of women.

‘Chastity’ is the word

they love to cherish.

‘Loyal’ is another word

they tend not to forget.

Poor creatures!

They know not of ‘Love’,

a word much denied to them,

for the undeserving hands

know nothing of it.


Bodies unite.

United Souls are in bliss.

An act of feeling the God in them.

Bodies simply dovetail.

Souls are estranged.

An act of procreation.

I want to feel the God in her and

make her see the Divine in me.

The beauty gives me sleepless nights.

Come what may…

I should by all means spend one with her.


‘Ruse’ is the key to unlock

‘Chastity’ and ‘loyalty’.

It opens up a world beyond dreams.

I will put all my ten brains to work.

If the night shrouds me,

can dawn be far behind?


The very thought of a woman

would put one’s brain more active than ever.

And when ten brains thought of a beauty

Dawn put darkness to flight.

I woke up with a clear head.


What the Siddhas taught me long ago,

worked in me a miracle.

Well versed in ashtamaha siddhis,

I put one to practice…

The last of the eight boons –

Isithvam – the power to do and

enjoy whatever one wishes.

I metamorphosed into her hubby.


To the depth of the lush green forest,

I moved in a trice.

My passion for my dream girl whisked me there.

Doesn’t ‘Love’ teach even asses to dance?


What is my beauty doing outside her thatched palace?

I could read her glowing gleeful face…

Anxiety filled… longing to see… her mind at work…

Oh, I am sure! Her hubby is away from home.

This is how all chaste and loyal women express

When her Lord is awaited…

Wah! At this hour?

Blind dog too will have his lucky time

When the bitch in heat volunteers.


I smiled. She smiled back.

I moved a step forward.

She moved three towards me.

Before my hands could encircle her

she held me in a tight embrace.

What word would flow out

when eyes meet eyes?

We were at kissing range.


Her eyes may cheat her.

But aren’t her olfactory senses at work?

How could she ever mistake me

for her hubby?

My scent can never be his; nor his mine.

Lucky I am, this opportunity

I shall make the best use of.


Huh! What is this sickening stench

that emanates from her tempting frame?

A stink that no perfume from India can make it smell sweet.

A cloud of aroma would escort my beauty.

Sure this bitch can’t be the beauty of my dreams.


I yanked her off, as I would my shoes after work,

and bawled at her to show her real self.


“Oh, is that you, my dear sister Surpanaka?”

I asked, my face laden with sorrow,

“Shame on you! Aren’t you cheating on Sita?”


“Oh,God! Is that you, my dear brother Ravana?”

She answered in utter disappointment,

“Double Shame on you.”







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