Curriculam Vitae

P.Raja’s works won him International Eminent Poet Award (1988) from Chennai and Michael Madhusudan Academy Award (1991) from Kolkata. Pondicherry University honoured him with its literary award in 1987. And in 2009 the Govt. of Pondicherry honoured him with ‘Excellence in Literature’ Award.


1. THE STUPID GURU AND HIS FOOLISH DISCIPLES (Sivaganga: Akaram, 1981; Pondicherry: Busy Bee Books, 2005) A hilarious Tamil classic translated into English. Serialised in Mother India, Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Pondicherry.

2. THE SUN AND THE STARS (Sivaganga: Annam, 1982) The complete prose poems of Mahakavi Subramania Bharati for the first time translated into English. Serialised in The Call Beyond, Delhi.

3. FROM ZERO TO INFINITY (Pondicherry: All India Books, 1987) A volume of 52 poems. The book bagged 28 reviews, 3 critical essays and 2 awards.

4. FOLKTALES OF PONDICHERRY (Delhi: Sterling Publishers, 1987; Pondicherry: Busy Bee Books, 2007) Retold here are 31 of the 70 folktales gathered personally from old people in different parts of Pondicherry. First appeared in the children’s sections of newspapers and magazines. Bagged a literary award.

5. A CONCISE HISTORY OF PONDICHERRY (Pondicherry:All India Books, 1987; Pondicherry: Busy Bee Books, 2003) Written for television viewers, the book gives a cultural and political account of Pondicherry and its connections with the British and the French. Prescribed as a textbook for students of History at the undergraduate level.

6. TALES OF MULLA NASRUDDIN (Delhi: B.R.Publishers, 1989; 2000) Contains 50 stories of the celebrated Mulla, collected from various sources and retold in English. The book is meant for children of all ages.

7. THE BLOOD AND OTHER STORIES (Delhi: B.R.Publishers, 1991) A volume of 13 short stories. Eight of these stories first appeared in the USA journals. Two from this book were translated into French by Claude LeRoy and published in Noreal, France. Many were translated into Indian languages. The title story was nominated for Pushcart Prize.

8. M.P.PANDIT: A PEEP INTO HIS PAST (Pondicherry: Dipti, 1993) A biography of Madhav Pandit, an eminent mystic and philosopher who spent his lifetime in propagating the philosophy of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, and authored more than 150 books. The book bagged a gold medal and citation from USA.

9. MANY WORLDS OF MANOJ DAS (Delhi: B.R.Publishers, 1993) A study of the fictional writings of Manoj Das, an Indian English writer. This dissertation has earned for P.Raja a Ph.D. degree from Madras University. Now it is a Bible to all those who take up the works of Manoj Das for their study.

10. SUDDEN TALES THE FOLKS TOLD (Delhi: B.R.Publishers, 1995) 52 Tamil folktales that belong to the ‘Sudden Tale’ genre are for the first time collected from the village folk and retold in English.

11. TO A LONELY GREY HAIR (Pondicherry: Busy Bee Books, 1997) A volume of 52 poems mostly humorous and also sensual.

12. KOZHI GRANDPA’S CHICKENS (Pondicherry: Busy Bee Books, 1997) A volume of 13 short stories. The characters range from an admirable chicken thief to an unforgettable woman. Dr.P.Raja (CV) –6

13. FOR YOUR EARS ONLY (Pondicherry: Busy Bee Books, 1997) A collection of 13 autobiographical essays written on various occasions. The one book readers can rely on to know P.Raja, the man and his creative process.

14. THE COLOURED CURTAIN (Delhi: B.R.Publishers, 2003) A translation of Subra Bharati Manian’s Chayathirai, quite a significant novel in modern Tamil literature.

15. TO LIVE IN LOVE (Pondicherry: Busy Bee Books, 2003) A volume of 69 love poems that sing of the poet’s youthful kingdom of love. All the poems are addressed to one woman – “the perfect woman of my dreams who revealed her whole self”.

16. IN CELEBRATION (Pondicherry: Busy Bee Books, 2003) An anthology of 13 women poets of Pondicherry edited by P.Raja. Belonging to various countries, states and cultures, these poets reverberate the multifarious hues of their inner mindscape confirming the adage ‘unity in diversity’, and that is the enviable Pondicherry.

17. GLIMPSES OF PONDICHERRY (Pondicherry: Busy Bee Books, 2005) Major aspects of Pondicherry like shrines & saints, personalities, French settlements in India, places, health and education, lifestyle, culture, monuments & memorials, trade and commerce are covered in this book. Written in collaboration with a distinguished colleague Dr. Rita Nath Keshari.

18. K. D.SETHNA (AN INTRODUCTION THROUGH INTERACTION) (Pondicherry: Busy Bee Books, 2005) Brings out through this series of interviews the vision of a man who has encapsulated in his hundred years the turmoil and exuberance of the 20th century.

19. MY FATHER’S BICYCLE (Pondicherry: Busy Bee Books, 2005) 18 stories identifying the various storytelling techniques that their author has acquired. The characters are not vague extra-terrestrials. The situations are not exotic ones; they are taken from life that goes on around us.

20. LOVE TEACHES EVEN ASSES TO DANCE (Pondicherry: Busy Bee Books, 2006) 52 essays in lighter vein on serious subjects. There is something for everybody in this book.

21. BUSY BEE BOOK OF CONTEMPORARY INDIAN ENGLISH POETRY (Pondicherry: Busy Bee Books, 2007) An anthology of 17 best Indian poets writing today edited by P.Raja & Rita Nath Keshari with a difference, perhaps the first of its kind in the History of Indian English poetry anthologies.

22. THAMBALA ( Chennai: Nivethitha Puthaga Poonga 2009 ) Translation of Bharathi Vasanthan's Well known Short story THAMBALA based on the life of Mahakavi Subramania Bharathi.

23. AS IS IN THE ORIGINAL (Delhi: Macmillan, 2010) Twenty five of the Short stories of Kalaignar Karunanithi, an eminent writer in Tamil, are translated for the first time in English.