Books by P. Raja

“I think in the language of silence. I am sure you too do. My thoughts find a vehicle to reach you. Whether I think in English or in Tamil depends very much upon the letters of request I receive from editors of newspapers and journals. My books are only those flowers of mine collected for a shapely vase.”

Charitthiratthil Edam Peratha Oru AAndil

Charitthiratthil Edam Peratha Oru AAndil (The Year Forgotten in History)

Pub: Muttram,
Chennai, 2006

Fifty three short short stories of Khalil Gibran, the well known Arabic writer, are translated here in Tamil. Philosophical in tone, these stories have a full cycle of excellence which they owe not only to their forms but to the themes as well which eminently suit their characters.