Curriculam Vitae

P.Raja’s works won him International Eminent Poet Award (1988) from Chennai and Michael Madhusudan Academy Award (1991) from Kolkata. Pondicherry University honoured him with its literary award in 1987. And in 2009 the Govt. of Pondicherry honoured him with ‘Excellence in Literature’ Award.



  • From Zero to Infinity (Pondicherry: All India Books, 1987)
  • To A Lonely Grey Hair ( Pondicherry: Busy Bee Books, 1997)
  • To Live in Love (Pondicherry: Busy Bee Books, 2003)
Short stories:
  • The Blood and Other Stories (Delhi: B. R. Publishers, 1989)
  • Kozhi Grandpa’s Chickens ( Pondicherry: Busy Bee Books, 1997)
  • My Father’s Bicycle ( Pondicherry: Busy Bee Books, 2005)
  • Love Teaches Even Asses to Dance ( Pondicherry: Busy Bee Books, 2006)
  • Folktales of Pondicherry (Delhi: Sterling, 1987; Pondicherry: Busy Bee Books, 2007)
  • Tales of Mulla Nasruddin (Delhi: B.R.Publishers, 1989; 2000)
  • Sudden Tales the Folks Told (Delhi: B.R.Publishers, 1995)
  • A Concise History of Pondicherry (Pondicherry:All India Books, 1987; Busy Bee Books, 2003; 2006)
  • Glimpses of Pondicherry (Co-author Rita Nath Keshari) ( Pondicherry: Busy Bee Books, 2005)
  • The Stupid Guru and His Foolish Disciples (Sivaganga: Agaram, 1981; Pondicherry: Busy Bee Books,2005)
  • The Sun and the Stars (Sivaganga: Agaram, 1982)
  • Coloured Curtain (Delhi: B.R.Publishers, 2003)
  • Thambala ( Chennai: Nivethitha Puthaga Poonga 2009 )
  • As is in the Original (Delhi: Macmillan, 2010)
Biography & Criticism:
  • M.P.Pandit: A Peep into His Past (Pondicherry: Dipti, 1993)
  • Many Worlds of Manoj Das (Delhi: B.R.Publishers,1993)
  • K. D. Sethna ( Pondicherry: Busy Bee Books, 2005)
  • For Your Ears Only (Pondicherry: Busy Bee Books,1997)
Edited Volume:
  • In Celebration: Women Poets of Pondicherry (Pondicherry: Busy Bee Books, 2003)
  • Busy Bee Book of Contemporary Indian English Poetry (co-editor: Rita Nath Keshari) (Pondicherry: Busy Bee Books, 2007)