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“I think in the language of silence. I am sure you too do. My thoughts find a vehicle to reach you. Whether I think in English or in Tamil depends very much upon the letters of request I receive from editors of newspapers and journals. My books are only those flowers of mine collected for a shapely vase.”

The Sun and the Stars (1982)

The Sun and the Stars (1982)

(Annam, Sivaganga;
Pages:68,    Price: Rs.15)

The Prose Poems of Mahakavi Subramania Bharati liberate Tamil literature from the tyranny of prosody. The poet’s study of Vedic Literature under Sri Aurobindo, the influence of Walt Whitman’s poetry made him enrich Tamil literature with soulful poetry. This faithful and readable translation published for the first time, pulsates with life and the sparkle of Bharati’s language is caught in all its iridescence.


P.Raja’s readable rendering of all the prose poems of Bharati into English enables the non-Tamil reader to gain a fuller view of Bharati’s poetic artistry. The sparkle of Bharati’s language gleams through with telling flashes, and the translator deserves our thanks for his faithfulness to the original.

(Dr.Prema Nandakumar in Bhavans Journal)

In his translation P.Raja has preferred short effective sentences and simple words. The strength and the charm of translation lie in the fantastic combination of these simple words and short sentences. They impart a total connotative significance greater than their semantic worth.

(G.Ruby Davaseeli in Journal of the Institute of Asian Studies)

Mr.P.Raja has done a distinctive service to Indo-Anglian literature by his translation of the sparkling gems of Bharati. His introduction is superb. From these translations emerge an incomparably rich and panoptic vision of our culture.

(Poet Kamalakanto in New Times Observer)

Bharati’s prose poems have been accorded only a subordinate place till now. It is to the credit of Mr.P.Raja to have brought these prose poems together beautifully translated in one volume so that those who cannot go to the original may have a glimpse into this realm of gold…magnificent is his translation, sweet is the music of his prose, excellent is his attempt.

(Prof. K.R.Ramachandran Nair in Youth Age)

This is a free translation of six of the prose poems of Subramania Bharati, the welll-known Tamil poet who, through his prose and poetry sought to arouse the patriotic spirit of Indian during the freedom struggle. The verses, in simple English, communicate the patriotic fervour of the poet. The biographical introduction and glossary add value to the book.

(Seetha Neelakantan in The Theosophist)

The present work is a felicitous English translation of the poet’s prose poems in Tamil. The poetical compositions of Bharati are well known to the English reading public, not so his prose poems. Raja is an artist with his pen and we have here a fine rendering of six prose poems: Beauty, Shakti, Wind, Ocean, Idylls of the Universe, Freedom…There is some striking turn in every poem.

(M.P.Pandit in World Union)