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“I think in the language of silence. I am sure you too do. My thoughts find a vehicle to reach you. Whether I think in English or in Tamil depends very much upon the letters of request I receive from editors of newspapers and journals. My books are only those flowers of mine collected for a shapely vase.”

From Zero to Infinity (1987)

From Zero to Infinity (1987)

(All India Books, Pondicherry -605 002.
pages:74.    Price: Rs.15

The fifty-two poems in this volume are the vehicles of the poet’s feelings, dreams and reactions in a world circumscribed by eroding human perceptions and emaciating thought symbols. They present an integrated vision of a multi-central world of birth and death, love and hate, agony and ecstasy and above all humanity and harmony.


One is born out of zero, gains a temporary sojourn on earth, and ultimately merges into the infinite vastness. P.Raja’s first collection of 52 poems revolves on this eternal theme. It is a document of his tragic-comic reactions to the riddles “of the havocs in life/ after the release” from maternal confinement. It is also an attempt to delineate in verse form, agonies of the inner voyage through a language of powerful and picturesque imagery… As a poet he (P.Raja ) is abundantly sensitive, imaginative, amusingly ironical and basically humanitarian…The poet uses metaphors drawn mainly from our every-day life. They drive home his pragmatic and philosophic messages as sure as death.

(Dr.D.Gnanasekaran in Indian Book Chronicle)

This collection – I think, offers some best pieces of his total oeuvre till now and no reader will emerge unsatisfied after a plunge into this fine stream of charming verse.

( A. Russell in Poetry Time)

This collection displays the range of Mr.P.Raja’s imagination and the power of his pen. His themes range from the sublime to the ridiculous, from birth to death, and religion to limericks. The poems on death are equally powerful and thought-provoking.

(Dr. K.M.Shantha in Sri Aurobindo’s Action)

P.Raja is a solid craftsman who blends happily imagination with some intellect, which is not a happy job to do. One thing Raja offers in plenty – entertainment. This is not to say, he lacks seriousness. Sympathy for the human bondage is his high point.

(S.N.Tripathy in Poesie)

With a Chekhovian amusement and compassion and an almost unfailing precision of language, the poet projects a vibrant, meditative and good humoured panorama of the world he inhabits and creates.

(Adam Goldgeier in Poetry)

It is very difficult to speculate on the exact sources of his poetry because it draws its sustenance from his knowledge of the best in English poetry, his awareness of the Indian heritage and his deep grounding in the Tamil tradition. But his poetry never degenerates into the faded echo of the voice of some Western master. That Raja has no European gods and goddeses is evident and a number of his poems are authentic utterances bringing home to the reader the charm and the power of diverse experiences.

(Prof. P.Marudanayagam in Journal of Indian Writing in English)